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We offer two ways to test your vision for changes caused by macular degeneration. The two tests are very different, each offering it's own set of advantages and disadvantages. We encourage you to try them both.

Video Static Test

Macular Mapping Test

  • Faster to complete
  • Awareness of appearence of defects
  • More complex, harder to learn
  • Some people unable to see their defects
  • Easy to learn
  • Numeric score
  • Requires fast response time
  • Requires keyboard skills

Both vision tests can help you monitor your vision for changes caused by macular degeneration. We encourage you to check your vision daily in a variety of ways, including Amsler grid, reading vision, and our online computerized vision tests. If you detect any changes in your vision you should contact your eye doctor immediately.

MyVisionTest Tutorial

If you are new to MyVisionTest, please take a moment to review our tutorial and try out the demo. The vision test requires that you have free multimedia software (Flash) installed and properly configured on your computer. If you are uncertain whether this software is currently installed on your computer, please take a moment to use our troubleshooter to test your system for compatibility with MyVisionTest.

View the MyVisionTest Tutorial

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MyVisionTest Demonstration Mode

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